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about the syndicate

Taking care of the interests of artists and media professionals, defending their rights, working to improve their financial and social conditions, and representing them in all matters related to their affairs.

(Article 70 of the Labor Law)


 guild achievements and contributions



Secretary General of the Union and Arab Artists  formerly

 Vice President of the Gulf Producers Union 

 Voila Gallery Sponsorship 

 Sponsoring the Interior Design Exhibition 

guild courses  


 A course in drama script with Kuwait TV


 A course in teaching the basics of drawing 

 The Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts Aptitude Test Course 

A course in testing the capabilities of art education for the College of Basic Education 

Children's drawing course

 Teams Course for Artists Syndicate Members

Decoration courses

 Teams courses for the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts



Founding member of the Arab Theater Authority

 Executive Board Member of the Arab Theater Authority 

Executive Producer Committee Member 


 Member of the Audiovisual Law Committee 

 Member of the Theatrical Movement Development Committee 

 founding member of the Network of Arab Scenographers

 Member of the Arab Theater Festival in Kuwait

Member of the Kuwait Drama Forum

Member of the Executive Office of the General Union of Arab Artists

performance and contributions


Participate in lifting the siege on our Palestinian brothers in Gaza 

 Implementation of the opening and closing ceremony of the Arab Theater Authority Festival 


 Execution by the Arab Scenographers Exhibition


  Implementation of the opening and closing of the Kuwait Film Festival  


 signing a protocol with the Association of Writers 

 Participation in Cairo Film Festival 

Participate in a statement with public benefit societies to address the Minister of Information to filmmakers

Television interviews to present the union's activities and role

Posts in the committees of the Ministry of Information and the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters 

The Artists Syndicate abroad intervenes to quell discord between Arab countries

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