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Since the Syndicate of Artists and Journalists was established in 2007, some support its establishment and value its role, while others are reserved and may ignore its existence. "Al-Jarida" interviewed the head of the Syndicate of Artists and Journalists, Dr. Nabil Al-Failakawi, and turned over the union’s papers, and entered hot spots and minefields. Al-Failakawi received her calmly and generously, revealing the reasons for the freezing of the Union of Private Theaters, and the filing of cases against him by the National Council, and touching on some producers who eat the rights of artists, and how the major stars were transferred in Kuwait to the Public Prosecution, and the role of the Syndicate in adjudicating disputes before transferring cases to the Kuwaiti judiciary, and the Syndicate’s plan to eliminate art intruders who offended the Kuwaiti artist

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